Friday, January 31, 2014

Volume 264



  1. And here's another thing that drives me nuts.
    The NFL rakes in gazillions of bucks, but they're a non-profit???
    OTOH, I would also remove the non-profit designation from churches, temples, synagogues, etc. I would only allow them to write off what they actually spend helping the helpless, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, housing the homeless, etc, etc.

  2. PS Posted this on Politicians Are Poodyheads. ;-)

    1. Thanks for the postage, old friend. I can't believe I didn't know this little tidbit until recently. Granted, the individual teams pay taxes, but the league itself is hiding behind an ancient exemption which they are violating pretty clearly. And it shouldn't matter if they're violating their ancient exemption or not, they shouldn't have it. Eff them, I'm going to watch amateur sports.

    2. I sort of had a vague idea about this, but wasn't sure. Yes, they certainly violate their old exemption, all the time.
      How goes it with Mrs. Dadler? I keep thinking about what you are both going through. {{Hugs}}

    3. We're doing well. She gets her kidneys scanned tomorrow. Looks like it may be just this irritation syndrome that comes and goes, which sucks bigtime in its own way, but it ain't the big C. So we shall see. Thanks for the good thoughts. Same your way.