Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Volume 255



  1. Ha! I was finally able to sign in, through Google. Go figure.
    Listen, if I was interested in porn, which I'm not, it sure wouldn't be elder porn. I've got my own old body to look at. If I'm going to be looking at other people having sex, I'd rather look at younger bodies. ;-)

    1. I'm stuck in the middle. I don't want to think I'm a geezer quite yet, but I can't watch 24 year olds phuck to save my life. I think it's just the price of age. Though I used to stay in NYC, when I was a teen and early twentysomething, with old friends of my father, who were pushing 80 back then and LOVED watching porn together. I'd catch them watching it when I came home from my summer job, and they'd just look at me and say, "Oh well, we're old, and we like to watch young." BTW, the woman in that couple was Billie Holiday's first costume designer. She and her husband, both now gone, remain the single most influential couple in my life. She supported them as a designer when they were young, and he was recovering from serious health issues, and then later in life that equation reversed, and he supported them when SHE had the issue. Such the beautiful people.