Monday, December 16, 2013

Volume 219



  1. D., I am a guest blogger on a tiny WordPress blog. It only gets about 30 eyeballs a day, and very few comments, and we mostly repost editorial cartoons and short passages from other websites, sometimes with our own thoughts.
    With your permission, I would like to repost an occasional cartoon of yours, giving you full credit with a link here.
    I would totally understand if you said no; it is completely up to you.
    Let me know how you feel about this, my friend.

    1. Please feel free to link away. It's not like I'm in this for the money. ;-) I just like to make myself chuckle, anything or anyone beyond that is gravy. If you haven't figured me out entirely by now, let me clarify some more: I am the kind of guy who fantasizes about winning the first billion dollar lottery jackpot so I can spend the rest of my life not buying sports cars and mansions and anything material, but giving it away to put smiles on as many peoples' faces as I can. Thank you for your continued appreciation of my humble work. Xo, D.A.

    2. LOL! The owner of the site I guest blog on feels exactly the same way.

    3. BTW, that was me, Zorba. ;-)

    4. winky wink. have a lovely night, mi amiga. peace to la familia.