Sunday, December 15, 2013

Volume 218



  1. Now, now Dadler, how unkind to little brothers, even as annoying as they might be (I had four of them). ;-)
    I am commenting now on, a blog recommended by MOBlue, who is also commenting there. They don't have many commenter as yet, but they post a lot of interesting threads.
    I'll be back at Talk Left at some point, but probably not until after the holidays. I need the break.
    Be well, my brother, and namaste.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up on the other blog, Z. I saw Edger there and some others, so I'll try to hit it up in the next few weeks. I am a TL partisan, I must admit, having been there pretty much from the beginning. Navigating around Jeralyn's combined brilliance and sometimes confounding (guns, zimmerman, obama critics, etc.) nature is, for me anyway, part of the fun. Have a great holiday season, and thank you more than you know for giving a shit about my little comics. Pass them on, I couldn't care less about money, I just want to make people chuckle and/or think. Both ideally. Peace & Love, D

    1. Zorba again.
      Made the mistake of looking at the FBI sting thread at TL, saw your excellent post, which I agree with, and then read Politalkix's response to you. Pardon me, but she makes me want to stay away from TL even longer. Fuck her and her sanctimonious blatherings.
      "I hear plenty of protests in this site when cops use pepper spray on people. However, when the Assad regime used military tanks and aircrafts to silence entire villages and towns from the earliest days of protests and demonstrations (till the country was plunged into chaos making it ripe for jihadist elements to I did not hear anybody speak up against the atrocities of the regime. Worse still, many started whitewashing the crimes of Assad by painting all opposition to the regime as "jihadist".

      The Mr Naturals, lentinels and the little coterie that left this blog a few days ago are on a moral sinkhole for being so selective with facts.

    2. Z,
      Oy, I did my best to be polite and separate my personal from my political, but in those situations I just say my initial peace and let it go. I just don't get how Pkix and crew, who hold that particular view, cannot at least acknowledge the sort of giant chasm between my passionate response to events in my own country, carried out by authorities whose condcut I still retain some ability to influence (if not the amount I'd prefer the civilian community to have), and those on the other side of the globe, whose leadership I can have nothing but murderous influence upon, since that is what you decide to side with when jumping into a civil war, much less a civil war in a culture we have even less in common with than, say, Central or South American nations. The lack of contextual equivalence is frustrating, to say the least, and then on top of that there's the whole thing with us being apologist's for Assad and labeling all anti-Assad folks jihadis. Must be nice to be confident that the world is black and white. I guess I'm just stupid seeing so much gray, or red, or blue...


  3. Haha! Nice use of the color D. Its a pink (ah, pink, and all the world's just so nice) in a shade that is almost blood red. Perf. (ZtoA)

    1. Many thanks, my friend. Glad you're still laughing. Peace out.