Monday, April 28, 2014

Volume 339



  1. Oh, man. I cannot imagine how the other owners of NBA teams are going to let Don Sterling's comments pass without some reaction.
    OTOH, his views have long been known- they have never been secret. It's just that they are now out there on a recording.
    We shall see. They haven't done anything about sanctioning him in the past. I'm not sure they will do anything now. I mean, really, I bet that many of the rich, white owners of NBA teams probably secretly feel the same.
    And let's face it, the power in the NBA does not rest with the commissioner, it rests with the owners.

    1. I really wanted the players to boycott the last game. For tomorrow's game, as I told my buddy in LA who has had Clipper season tix for two decades, the team and entire arena full of fans should wear black shirts.

    2. Well, the NBA just banned Donald Sterling "for life," fined him the maximum 2.5 million bucks (although sort of a pittance, for a billionaire), and will recommend to the NBA Board of Governors that they force a sale of the Clippers.
      Sterling has been known to be a racist for many years now. One wonders why the former commissioner, David Stern, and the owners, did nothing about Sterling for years.
      Methinks it has to do with, not just the huge amount of bad publicity, but of the sponsors pulling out. And given the licensing and media rights, and the revenue sharing of the NBA, what hurts one team, can hurt all teams.
      Profits above all, don't you know?

    3. Just saw that headline on my screen. Good for the new commish since, well, he is new and he did the most he could do. And I applaud him for doing it before the Clips had to take the court at home tonight, even though i HATE the Clips. I don't think, at 80, Sterling has it in him to fight this. He can sell and make a fortune. Good riddance.