Thursday, April 17, 2014

Volume 332



  1. I have a rather crude indicator of how the economy is doing. There is an 8 mile stretch of road near here, filled with mainly blue-collar, working class houses. I have noticed in previous years that, when the economy is doing well, there are only one or two cars for sale in people's front yards. When it is weaker, the number goes up. At the height of the current recession, the number was as high as 7.
    It is now up to 4. Not a good sign.
    I call it my "Vehicles For Sale by the Side of the Road Economic Index."

    1. Yep, and where it's more expensive to live it's even worse. As if anywhere in this auction-nation there are opportunities just teeming for the most disadvantaged. We just want them to die.

  2. PS Posted at Politicians Are Poodyheads, my friend. With linkage. ;-!