Thursday, March 20, 2014

Volume 308



  1. Oh, ugh. Too true. Good one, D.

  2. Gracias, mi amiga. I need to get to Poody now.

    1. BTW, just added this to Poodyheads, with appropriate linkage, of course.
      Be well, my friend.
      PS read your comment on the now closed Wednesday Open thread on Talk Left, regarding "This is me" and the effects of child abuse.
      D., I just wish that I could go back in time and save you from that. When I taught special ed, particularly in my last job, which was at a private residential school, so many of my students were wards of the state because their parents had abused them. Granted, these kids were developmentally disabled, but still, you could tell the ones who had been abused. It broke my heart.
      {{Hugs}}. Namaste.