Friday, March 14, 2014

Volume 302



  1. No frying for us, D.
    But, OTOH, since Monday is St. Patrick's Day, even though we are not Irish, I always make corned beef. Not exactly good for our cholesterol, but we only have it once a year. ;-)

    1. I'm a big fan of cholesterol actually, not really the fried type, but still... It is brain food, literally. I am still convinced that what does a heart in, except for the small percentage of folks with irregularities from birth, is good ol' American hyper-tension. My dad had cholesterol so high the doctors could hardly believe it, over 500, but when they took a look inside him, he had no blockage at all and no hardening. And yet they STILL wanted him to take cholesterol lowering drugs in his late 70s. He literally laughed at his doctor and left. And really a big, and very odd, reason so many people are on these drugs, aside from profit is because doctors know diet has very little to do with your fasting blood cholesterol level, the kind you test for, and diet cannot by itself lower your cholesterol to what they deem "safe" or "healthy" levels, even though they have no real idea what that means or is. Don't be a glutton, don't overeat, don't get wildly overweight and burden your organs, exercise, even just moderately, and find a way to keep hyper-tension or anxiety to a minimum. That, to me, is the key. Egad, listen to Dr. Oz yap and yap and yap. Peace... ;-)