Saturday, May 3, 2014

Volume 344



  1. Excellent, D. Cross posted and linked at Poodyheads.
    The daughter of a friend of mine (the friends are Arab Christians) had her wrist broken by a bunch of young people during the first Gulf War. Because she was of Arabic extraction.
    Another acquaintance, a Sikh from India who wears the traditional Sikh turban, has been yelled at and harassed because, OMG! He wears a turban, he must be an Arab terrorist!
    Not that it is acceptable to discriminate against Arab or other Middle Eastern Muslims, either.
    People are idiots. We have a friend who says "People are a near miss."
    I would extend that to say that people are a far miss. :-(

    1. Thanks as always for the post to your site. And I actually had it as Sikh and Muslim in the original draft, but changed it because of the situation in Russia/Ukraine. Truth remains. I remember watching all the horror on 9/11 and thinking that a lot more innocent people are going to suffer, here in the US and abroad, for our knee-jerk ignorance.