Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Volume 278



  1. {Snort.} Exactly.
    Can we get Universal Heath Care yet?
    I guess not. :-(

    1. When insurance companies stop making a profit. And when will that be?

      How about letting free Americans have actual not-for-profit freedom? And I feel the same way, btw, about ALL mandated insurance, be it health, auto, home, you name it. Peace out, mi amiga.

    2. Tsk, tsk. You socialist, you! ;-)
      I agree.

    3. BTW, D., I am taking a vacay from Talk Left for a few days. It has gotten into too much poo-flinging (again) for me.

    4. Yeah, I know. For some reason, J deleted a comment I made about Hillary Clinton being hypcritical with Edward Snowden, since she is obviously a person who had supported Daniel Ellsberg when he released the Pentagon Papers. Absolute power corrupts was my point. And then it was gone. I emailed her, but who knows.

    5. BTW, I'm the "guest napkin" today at MATTA NAPKIN, a "comic on a napkin a day" site, usually drawn by TV writer and producer John Matta. Check it out daily, you may get some Poody material. Here's my guest nap. http://mattainc.blogspot.com/2014/02/guest-napkin-david-adler.html

    6. Too cute, D!
      You are a multi-talented man.